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Clear 3 wick candle


      Elevate your space with The clear 3 wick candle collection from Coastie Candle Co., featuring an array of 3-Wick Scented Candles in Mercury Glass Jars. These elegant jars double as vessels for gentle, flickering candlelight, creating a serene and soothing ambiance. The calming radiance helps you unwind and enhances relaxation. Paired with your favorite scent, this collection becomes the ultimate aromatherapy candle, offering the sensory escape you deserve. Whether you prefer refreshing citrus, cozy vanilla, or enchanting florals, The clear 3 wick candle collection will  guide you on a fragrant journey to soothe your senses and enhance well-being. If you're in Mississippi and looking for the finest scented candles, The Coastie Collection is your go-to choice for Mississippi Scented Candles. We also offer a wide selection of candles for those who appreciate quality craftsmanship and captivating scents