Why choose Coastie Candle Co for Scented Candles

Why Choose Coastie Candle Co for Scented Candles

When it comes to getting scented candles you have a world of choice out there. Yet some options are on a different level than the rest and that's where we come in. We strive to be a cut above the competitors in several ways. A candle isn't just a candle to us, and we want to make sure that you get premium quality that is also cost-effective.

So, why our scented candles?

What makes us different? Is it our scents or something more? Well, for starters, our products are all handmade. No factory machines pushing out candle-making materials into jars or mass production. We lovingly make every candle you see for sale, which means they are as unique as you are. When we run out, it takes us some time to make more. But don't worry because even as a small business, we'll be stocked up again in no time.

We also care about what we put into our candles, meaning they are completely safe and natural and have no toxins. Candles don't need dangerous chemicals in them to burn or have them last longer. It's all about the production process.

Being toxin-free also means less soot, and our scented candles, three wick candles, and soy candles are designed in a way also to have less soot in general. So, all in all, you can enjoy a more appealing type of candle-burning experience.

Our scented candle product line

So which candle is the best one to start off with? Well, any of our three signature products is a great start. If you're looking for the most variety, then consider our three wick candle collection. With 24 different types of fragrances you can enjoy a different one with every single order. Another great thing to note is just how accurate the scents are. 

If the three wick candle doesn't seem to suit your needs, then consider our Cozy Fireside option that comes in a Mason Jar. You'll get a blend of fruits, mint, and earth flavors in this scented candle, and it'll work with all the senses to bring you to a cozy mindset and setting. It has a robust smell to permeate through the room it's lit in, helping everyone to properly enjoy it.

Or you can go with our final core product, which is the Coast Harvest scent. This option also comes in a mason jar that can be repurposed. Here, you're getting a blend of aromas that help you think about the great outdoors. You can get hints of pumpkin, sweet apple and spices such as vanilla and cinnamon.

In the end

No matter your option you'll get a perfectly crafted and long-lasting option every time. And if you can't decide there's no harm in ordering one of each to get a sense of the quality of the product. Welcome to a collection of stunning fragrances to light up any day and turn any house into a cozy home.

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