Coastie Candle Co. Introduction

Coastie Candle Co. Scented Candles

Welcome to our home online, and we're glad you've taken the time to check out our offering. We're a passionate homegrown family-owned operation aiming to always bring quality handcrafted scented candles to your home.

There's something about a candle that helps to transform any location into feeling like home. Not just home but a safe and comforting space. With the right type of scents combined with the handcrafted aspect of a candle, it helps transport us to a time when we know that everything will be just right. It can help brighten any day and even more when we're looking to unwind after a long one.

Too often we find ourselves with too much to do or preoccupied with other stressors that seem to be taking over our lives. However, with one of our candles, you can start to build the right setting to separate yourself from these pain points and take in a deep breath. Use these candles as part of your process for total and complete relaxation and work to bring a smile to your face as all your worries seem to melt as our candles do.

We make our Scented Candles range the best it can be

We pride ourselves on providing you with a unique experience regarding our offering of scented candles, three wick candles, and soy candles. Instead of trying to offer anything and everything we take a more iterative approach to what our product offering can be. We want to make sure that we put our best foot forward via our candles and accessories.

That way every time you come to our site you can feel confident buying one of our products as you know the quality behind them. When you do see something new on our site you'll know the efforts made for us to add to our existing collection.

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