About us - Behind the Candles you love!

About Us and Our Scented Candles

We love it when people come to this part as it lets us share who's behind the scenes that helps to lovingly craft your scented candles every day. It's a homegrown business that only helps fuel the top-tier quality of our products, as we only work on products we believe in.

It also helps to keep our costs down. This means can focus more on investing in better materials in the making process of our scented candles, three wick candles and soy candles. At the same time, we want you to feel that you're always getting an excellent deal with us, and our candles tend to last quite longer than typical candles, meaning you don't always have to worry about your candle running out when you need it most.

Our Team For Creating Our Scented Candles

Our Candle Craftsman and Candle Master is Christopher, who found a passion and skill to make his own candles. Eventually, he decided to bring this from a hobby to a business, and that's where Coastie Candle Co. was born. Of course, making a candle is only one-half of the equation of the perfect candle. Kimberly is the resident Scent Sommelier who helped co-found Coastie Candle Co. She feels that the sense of smell helps to evoke the best emotions in ourselves and makes sure to go through rigorous testing with fragrances and mixtures to deliver the most captivating scented candles possible.

To round out this great duo is their son Parker, who helps with color options and finalizing the scents for limited-edition options. He helps to bring a fresh perspective to candle making and to ensure that the next generation is able to enjoy, appreciate, and use high-quality candles consistently.

You'll see every product comes with our handcraft promise. We handle the end-to-end process ourselves and make sure you get a clean and even burn every time with scents that will always brighten your mood.

Feel free to reach out to us or check out our current offerings and products.

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